AI Generation Tools: What Fresh Hell Is This?

In January 2023, I published an article outline many of the different types of AI tools for content creators on ProVideo Coalition.

AI has been evolving for years already, but haven’t we all seen a major a rapid growth recently? We now have access to AI image generation, text and content generation, AI voice generation and image/video enhancements. Where will it go and how will it affect our viability as content creators? Where does AI pull it’s resource material from in the machine learning models? Can the resulting works be copyrighted or used commercially? Why is AI viewed as such a threat to some artists and creative writers? What is the potential for ethical and IP infringement cases?

It’s a heated topic full of questions and speculation at the moment.

I was originally going to just write about AI Image generation to follow up on my AI Photo Enhancement article last year, but with various new AI technologies emerging almost monthly, I decided to break this out and just start with an overview today, and expound on deep dives into the various AIs that come out on a regular basis. As I create subsequent articles on each particular AI tactic, I’ll update this article to use as an ongoing reference portal of sorts. This ongoing series of articles on AI will help us to get under the hood to better understand what AI is and how we might find the positives in this rapidly-evolving technology and how we might use it to our benefit as content creators, editors, animators and producers.

AI descriptive image generation is still pretty far from being very accurate in it’s depiction of certain details, albeit people and animals are looking much better overall in the past year. We’ve seen a vast improvement of how AI is depicting humans compared to only 6 months ago, but still, TOO DAMN MANY FINGERS!!

Voice AI is improving by leaps and bounds and text generation can actually be pretty impressive recently. Everything right now is still in dev/beta so we’re really just getting a tiny peek behind the curtain of what is possible.

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