Welcome Back. It’s 2023

It’s been so long.

So very long.

I decided to start it up again, in this new year. With new things.

In the past couple decades, you’ve probably read about all my adventures with green screen and VFX (I may bring some of that back again), my experience as a forerunner in the drone training and media industry, and many years of GoPro testing and other tech product reviews.

So what’s so special about 2023?

We’re entering into a new era of media technology utilizing AI tools, and I’m anxious to peel back and layers and look at how they can benefit creative content producers be more… PRODUCTIVE!

It will also be inevitable that we’ll cover some of the controversy as well, so don’t think I’m going to ignore the elephant in the room.

So drop a note and say hi… or tell me I’m wrong or something!


Jeff 🙂

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