Production Services

We love what we do!

Full-service video & photographic production, on-location or in the studio; in the air or on the ground: commercial, industrial and corporate video production, aerial videography and photography, green screen production (setup, lighting, shooting and compositing), post-production (editing, compositing, VFX), 2D/3D animation & motion graphics, AI Imaging & Media and professional consulting and training in all disciplines for corporate accounts, conferences and groups.

If you’re looking for someone to produce marketing massaging for your business, we’re equipped with years of experience and the creative teams to produce a final product that will exceed your expectations!

In addition to full-service production and post-production, we also offer on-site coaching and training for your staff/subjects that need to either act, read a teleprompter or give professional interviews, to help you produce the very best results!

We also provide VIRTUAL Training and Consulting through Zoom anywhere. Want to train your teams Adobe Photoshop, After Effects or other creative apps and workflows? We can build a custom training program that suits YOUR requirements.

Aerial Videography, Photography and Imaging

Everyone loves to see the world from a new perspective, which is why aerial photography and videography is so intriguing for commercial use these days. We have years of experience in this field – Jeff Foster and his extended range of professional colleagues can shoot any aerial requirement, both interior or exterior locations with a range of 4K high-definition camera gear.

SF Sunrise SCRNclick image for larger view

What we can do for you:

Our aerial imaging team can capture low-altitude aerial videos, photos and mapping data for your commercial, industrial, agricultural and geological imaging needs. Depending on the location and the restrictions of local/regional/federal airspace accessibility, we can safely fly and capture video and imagery of your projects, business, events or even procure stock for your commercial use.

  • On-location Aerial Videography (exterior/interior)
  • Aerial Photography & Panoramas (exterior/interior)
  • Aerial Mapping and 3D Imagery
  • Editing, Animation and Motion Graphics
  • Panoramic 360 VR and Photographic Prints
Aerial Montage 10click image for larger view
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