A New YouTube Channel Playlist & the First All AI How-to Video

So, I’m getting back in the training game again after a long hiatus attending other demands of my work life (including a few years working on a feature film – TBA).

If you’ve been following me on ProVideo Coalition you’ll know that since January of 2023, I’ve been diving deep into the world of Generative AI and sharing my discoveries as I go along each month. But now I’ve decided that it might be better to show and demonstrate so much of this info rather than only write it down in lump reports. After all, as a trainer I love to share examples of everything. I’m also looking at getting a little AI to help me produce these videos, and I’m starting with an All-AI Generated Avatar/Voice Cloned video – demonstrating how I made the avatar with HeyGen AI software!

With HeyGen AI you can generate a video avatar and clone your voice to create multiple explainer videos and marketing messaging content. I show you just how simple this process is and how amazingly effective the results can be! For more info on this AI software technology, visit http://HeyGen.com I will have a full product review will be up on ProVideo Coalition shortly.

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