UAV/Drone Popularity Soars at EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2015

OSHKOSH, WIJuly 26, 2015 — After months of planning and preparing for the launch of this new addition to one of the world’s largest air shows and fly-ins (attended by over a 1/2 million people in a week), the reality of what we had prepared for along with the EAA management and staff was now upon us on opening day.


EAA Innovation Center & Drone Pavilion

Seating-500The new Aviation Gateway Park hosted a Jobs pavilion, Forums pavilion and Innovation Center with attached Drone Cage so people could sit inside the air conditioned tent and watch the drone demos through the large windowed opening and the live screens and audio pumped inside. There was also a jumbotron outside the cage that displayed the live feed to viewers around the cage and in the bleachers at the opposite end.

People asked “Why the Drone Cage?” to which our repsonse was to secure the approved flight operations and safety of the spectators and the airspace around the park. While all of the pilots flying in the cage were experts, things can also go awry due to technology and radio interference and being that we were literally less than a 100 yards from the airport’s controll tower, we had to be sure there were no “incidents”.

EAA2015-0977-600-300x273We also had special authorization from the FAA and EAA to be allowed to fly in this cage and special firmware was granted to our team by DJI to allow the new Inspire 1s and Phantom 3s to be flown there. Typically, there is a No Fly Zone established with these craft from the factory that is within a 3-5 mile range of all airports and landing strips that will not allow you to fly into nore take off from within that radius. I applaud DJI for implementing this safety feature for the general public, as I’m sure the FAA is greatful (and so are the millions of private and commercial pilots throughout the US).

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First Jazz Music Video Using Entire Drone Footage Features Ellen Johnson’s Latest Release Form & Formless

BERKELEY, Calif.June 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — With the commercial drone industry taking off with endless applications Sound Visions Media, located in the San Francisco East Bay, is actively using the technology to create a variety of video productions. Their first music video leads the pack with an entire project consisting completely of aerial drone footage and improvised vocal jazz music. The track “Fiona Flanagan’s Fable,” is off the new release Form & Formless by west coast vocalist Ellen Johnson featuring guitarist John Stowell.

The footage was shot by videographer and Adobe community professional Jeff Foster, (including a few shots from Johnson), from small DJI-based quadcopter drones, either carrying a GoPro or a built-in camera. The “free” improvised music is pared with scenic moments along the northern part of the Californiacoast and inland areas. The audio recording is the palette painting the aerial video segments that incorporate high and low-altitude drone footage. Foster believes that the aerial footage captured from these small drones gives one the feeling of flying like a bird from a vantage point you can’t get with any other method, whether from the ground, a helicopter or small aircraft.

“I wanted to use this particular track because of its fluid movement and unconventional approach to vocal music,” said Foster. “The album, Form & Formless, was striking to me because it incorporates both free improvisation and jazz classics. I can say with some certainty that this is the very first published jazz music video using 100% aerial drone footage.” The music created a storyline that Foster felt reflected the imagery of the nature footage he had acquired through his many drone expeditions.

Johnson agreed with Foster’s concept and adds, “Since my grandmother had Celtic roots I intuitively created an imagined ancestral story that I believe lives deep in my soul.” Renowned Jazz journalist and historian Bruce Crowther writes, “Many musicians touch the heart or the mind or the soul, some reach out to more than one of these, only a few appeal to all. With her new album, Ellen Johnson is clearly one of these select few.” Johnson is a seasoned professional jazz recording artist, educator, songwriter, author, and publicist. She has performed with many jazz icons that include Charles McPhersonLouie Bellson, and Sheila Jordan whose biography she recently completed entitled Jazz Child: Portrait of Sheila Jordanpublished by Rowman and Littlefield.  

Foster has been a leader in the prosumer drone market, writing articles, product reviews and speaking at the industry’s top conference circuit, most recently NAB and InterDrone, as well as providing workshops and award-winning video training for CreativeLive  ( Due to his research and product reviews Foster is supported by the prominent leaders in drone technology including DJI, Mulitcoper Warehouse, GoPro and DSLRPros.

Form & formless new release from Ellen Johnson (PRNewsFoto/Ellen Johnson)

Form & formless new release from Ellen Johnson (PRNewsFoto/Ellen Johnson)

Form & Formless is available on iTunes, Amazon and and more information at Contact Jeff Foster at or


Industry VFX Feature

Jeff Foster is Featured on Adobe’s Web Site

Feature story on Adobe’s web site as a Customer Showcase Success Story, with some samples of recent VFX work done in a couple feature films for Production Studio, FILMS IN MOTION – a studio who produces feature films and visual effects for large studios like Lions Gate and Arclight.

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Here’s a couple before & after shots from one of the projects:
Before shot of The Courier
Before shot of The Courier

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