“This unique tribute to mothers is a thoughtful
gift that offers more love and sentiment in eleven
tracks than any greeting card…”

– Skoot’s Jazz

1) Ellie (For Mom) - Mala Waldron (6:39)
2) Song For My Mother- Barbara Sfraga (3:31)
3) Dat Dere – Bobby Timmons/sung by Sheila Jordan (3:17)
4) With Every Kiss (Song For Frances) – Ellen Johnson (5:07)
5) Bougainvillea – Judi Silvano (5:08)
6) Song For Mother (She Is Made of Love) – Don Braden (7:02)
7) You Know Me By Heart – Ann Belmont (3:19)
8) Children's Playgrounds – Peggy Duquesnel (4:56)
9) Menina Dandara (Dandara Lady) – Brasil Brazil (4:36)
10) I Do Remember You – Mala Waldron (6:00)
11) For My Chacoan Ancestors – John Stowell/poem by Anson Wright (3:08)

FROM A MOTHER’S HEART PROJECT (a message from the producer, Ellen Johnson):

From A Mother’s Heart came about because I had written a song for my mother and every time I performed it people would express to me how much it touched them and how they wished there were more songs dedicated to mothers. It got me thinking about how few tribute CDs or songs we have for our mothers. Then I thought about how timely this was in the face of our own mother earth being taken for granted. I wanted to find songs that not only spoke to the great love, lessons, and dedication our mothers have given to us but to the life force we share on our planet that symbolizes the feminine aspects that we call “mother earth.” Perhaps through these songs, thoughtful lyrics, beautiful melodies, and sentiments we can give a much-needed gift of love to all our mothers of this planet. We hope these songs will be shared with you and your mother or perhaps it will help in some way to heal your heart with the loss or separation of your mother. Our wish is that you will find greater compassion and respect for what our native people knew all along which is to honor the female spirit in everyone.

Download the Liner Notes and Song Lyrics: FromAMothersHeart_LinerNotes.pdf

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"This CD is especially poignant for me on a personal level since my mother passed only a couple years back. I've no doubt that she would smile down on these tunes as she listened to them, as they are full of life and the gentle caring attitudes that most of us associate with our mothers. The most impressive thing about this collection is that it's got real energy - there's not a dull or "sappy" cut in all 11 tunes and that can't be said for many of these assemblages, but spirit fills each of the pieces."
~ Dick Metcalf a.k.a. Rotcod Zzaj for Improvijazzation Nation

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